How’s your net rep?

Do you know your digital reputation?

If you are not sure, we recommend you read these tips. You need to check and manage what’s out there on the web about you. If you Google yourself, do you like everything you see? Would you hire yourself based on your digital reputation? When a recruiter receives your job application, he or she will probably try to find out more about you from the web. What can you do to make sure they like what they see? Read on!


Here are key action points to help you manage your internet reputation

  • Google yourself and see exactly what future employers may see – and don’t forget to look at the images.
  • Protect your privacy by using privacy settings on social media and networking sites. Make sure you keep up to date with the latest privacy settings and take advantage of them. There are online tools that can help with this.
  • Don’t use profile pictures that could be embarrassing to you during your job hunt.
  • When you have found that perfect photo of yourself, use the same one in all your profiles.
  • Think twice about what you post. If you wouldn’t say it to an employer or show them the photograph, don’t do it.
  • Take care about what you post on company websites. You may be unhappy with their service but what you say will reflect on you as much as them.
  • Make sure that your online profiles can be found, that you are well identified and that they are updated.
  • Exploit your networks – build an online network of contacts through tools like LinkedIn.
  • Follow industry figures and top employers to keep up to date with what’s happening.
  • Join the debate – get your name out there by joining online discussion groups and debates. But again, be aware that what you are writing is very public and reflects on you. And carefully check the content of a group before you decide to sign up. It’s quality not quantity that counts.
  • Get recommendations to build your reputation – the good word of a former boss, colleague or lecturer can go a long way in building your credibility.
  • Take advantage of the opportunity to remove or edit comments where you can on social websites and get friends to un-tag you on embarrassing photographs. And make a point of asking friends to seek your permission before tagging you in future.

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