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Finding a job after college can be challenging. In this article, you will find a list of jobs for recent graduates, as well as a few pointers to successfully apply for them.

Your first job is a big deal! We know that finding a qualified job after graduation can be tough, especially in the face of tough competition and when recruiters are increasingly demanding for skills and experience. But don’t be discouraged. A recent study* shows that choosing an unskilled job straight after leaving university can have long-term consequences by devaluing our professional career. So let’s take a look at the best recent grad jobs to find a great first job after graduation.

Let’s start by delving into the humanities, communication and marketing. These are some of the most common jobs for graduates and often start in the backoffices of companies; either in the sales department, as account executives, product managers or as social media managers. To apply for these types of jobs, you’ll need creativity, both great written and spoken communication, understand psychology, know the language of the Internet and demonstrate that you know how to make professional use of social networks.

New IT graduates will be eligible for positions within the field of data analysis or within software development departments. The best way to opt for this type of employment is to know new and emerging programming languages well. You might even want to consider to do a masterclass in Python, JavaScript, React, Swift and Go.

Bearing in mind we’re becoming increasingly environmentally aware, the world of engineering will welcome candidates to sustainable engineering projects with open arms. So praise your creativity and present your projects developed in CAD or printed in 3D. Of course, remember to register your ideas before to protect your ideas.

If your degree falls within the sciences such as biology or chemistry, you might want to start as a laboratory or pharmacy technician. If you want to work in research, a PhD or other research post-graduate degree will bolster your chances of finding a job after graduation in this field.

As you may have already noticed, technology and science are two constantly-evolving sectors that provide new jobs for recent graduates. Before worrying that you might not already have the right kind of experience to find a job after graduation, just take a look on LinkedIn and Google to remember that before your CV and experience, employers prefer creativity, curiosity and the will to get stuck in.

Because your first job after graduation is so important for the development of your professional career, uncover your unique talents and focus on constantly improving. You’ll be well on your way to a satisfying and successful career.

*Strada Education Network study:

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