Is a career change a good idea?

New year, new job. There are many reasons for which you might want to change your job. But, is a career change a good idea? In this article, you will find some answers to this question.

A change in your career path from time to time is normal, especially because no one can assure you that what you have chosen in your twenties will continue to motivate you in your thirties, much less in your fifties. The reasons that lead you to change your career are many and varied. Values, motivations, and interests change throughout your life. Also, if you are a person who likes challenges, occupying a position that is too mechanical in a company where possibilities of promotions are very low can be devastating. However, although new generations are used to volatility in the labor market, uncertainty always leads us to ask whether a career change is a good idea or not. Here are 3 arguments that show that, whenever it is a well thought out decision, a career change is always a good idea:

  1. A career change is a way to get to know yourself much better both professionally and personally. That’s why, before making any decision, we recommend you to write a list of values, needs, and challenges. Through this action-taking technique, you will be more aware of your real motivations and identify if the reason why you want to change your job is strong enough. Also, digging deeper into your passion will help you spot new job offers that suit you best. But it will also be very useful when writing resumes and personalized cover letters that will really show off your best skills.
  2. A career change will also increase your networking. For this reason, it is very important to keep a good relationship with your ex-colleagues and ex-bosses (you never know when you will need them again). Also, if you want to know what skills you have and which ones you need to improve to meet the needs of your new professional challenge with success, consider the idea of conducting informational interviews. This technique will allow you to talk with professionals who are already working in the sector that you want to join and increase your networking.
  3. The need to incorporate new skills to tackle your new professional challenge will make you discover new projects and essential initiatives to climb the career ladder. In this sense, Adecco’s ‘CEO for One Month’ program returns just in time to get the ultimate experience your career needs. An initiative that brings together, year after year, thousands of applications of young talent from around the world. The goal? To be selected to lead, for a month, alongside of Alain Dehaze (CEO of The Adecco Group), a large multinational company like Adecco.

So if one of your New Year’s resolutions was to find a job that you truly love, a career change is a great idea. By participating in Adecco’s ‘CEO for One Month’ program you will get that life-changing opportunity that will boost your professional career. Don’t hesitate and sign up! The registration form opens on 5th February. Wishing you the best.