You got the job! 8 signs that prove it.

You’re in a job interview and you’d like to know if you are performing well. Here are eight signs that (might) mean that you got the job.

How do I come across? How am I doing? Will they call me? These are some of the questions that begin to race through our minds during and after a job interview. Don’t worry, it’s normal. When it comes to knowing if you’ve got the job or not, uncertainty can be disconcerting. However, there are signs that you can recognize to know if that position is yours or you are very close to achieving it:

  1. Before you start, remember you already have the interview scheduled! This shows that the company is already interested in you.
  2. When the time comes for the interview, if HR staff or other department leader attends the interview, consider yourself lucky. They are really interested in you and (everyone) wants to know you better.
  3. If your interviewers are comfortable with you, you will notice it in their body language. Their body will be relaxed and willing to receive information from you.
  4. If they genuinely see you as a good addition to their company, interviewers often stop talking hypothetically. Instead of saying something like, “if we hire you, being on time is a key requirement”, they might start using specific examples such as “once you’re in the company ” Also, you will hear other phrases, from “excellent, this is exactly what we are looking for” to expressions of approval and agreement.
  5. If the situation suddenly becomes more casual, and the topics of conversation cease to be purely related to the business and start becoming more “personal”, consider this another very good sign. Do not be surprised that, from here on, they take you for a tour of the office, or invite more colleagues to meet you.
  6. Remember that interviewers want to find the perfect candidate. So, if you have got the job, they will be as excited as you are and will attempt to convince you of the positive sides of working at the company, as well as everything the biggest perks of working there.
  7. Before finalising the interview, interested interviewers will provide more information on next steps. Maybe it’s about receiving the feedback through a call or an email or sending you to a second job interview, which is also a very good sign. If they are not interested, they won’t hesitate to use the “we will be in touch” or “we will call you” line.

And, to wrap up, at the end of the interview you have the opportunity to ask questions, don’t forget to “I would like to ask you if you think I have the necessary skills for this job”. If their answer in positive, congratulations, it is possible that this position is yours!