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How to get valuable experience while you study

While in some countries the grade average is still king, most people will eventually find themselves in the unenviable position of trying to look for an entry-level job which asks for two years of experience. How can you get this experience if no one will give you a chance?

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How to do an effective self-introduction speech on the first day at work?

Follow these tips for a successful self-introduction speech during your first day at work. Make everyone remember you.

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How to use rejection as an opportunity to reassess

If you don’t get the job you applied for, this article advises you on how to deal with the rejection and how turn a ‘no’ into a new chance for your career.

What are the biggest challenges you will face in the first year of your career

What challenges will you come across as you take your first step onto the career ladder. Read more…

How to know if your job is great and, if not, what to do to improve it?

6 questions you always have to ask yourself when you want to value your actual job.

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