Degree can’t limit your choices

A degree in a specific subject should never limit your choices

Nowadays the job market is proving it constantly: people are being hired for their skills not because of the subject they studied at university. In this article we show you why you should not (only) focus on looking for a job in your field, but to start considering the idea of exploring new horizons.

Most of the time when choosing what we want to study at university we push aside our interests and try to focus on a degree which will allow us access to the biggest pool of high earning jobs. However, we don’t stop to think about the context of the job market that we are about to enter. Perhaps the market is saturated, or we are the wrong location to do the type of work that we want to do. The truth is that by focusing solely on the job for which a degree is designed for means that we aren’t exploring the 99% of possibilities that are out there just waiting to be explored. We are putting on blinkers unnecessarily.

There are many benefits to not letting your subject choice limit your career, just to mention some of them:

  • From the point of view of employers, there has been a considerable change in the job market. It is less and less common that people study at university, enter the workplace and stay in a job for life – much less stay in one career for life! The job market is becoming much more dynamic and, what is vital in this new market, is not what you studied but the soft skills and experience that you have gained along the way.
  • According to the Independent, research has found that 58% of employers rated work experience as the essential qualification for future employees, closely followed by personality. Each day, more and more companies have taken to hiring based on soft skills and personality. In fact, their hiring process has very little focus on what you have studied but what you have learned as a person along the way.

So, what to take from this? Most importantly, if you study what you love first and foremost, you will have much better performance if your job is aligned with your purpose. On the way, you will gain the experience and soft skills that will open numerous doors for you. Steve Jobs once said that you must “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” Follow your heart and the career will follow.




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Degree can’t limit your choices
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