When does the hiring process star­­t? Sooner than you think.

You might not know it, but the hiring process starts before you’ve even applied for a job. Read this article and be sure not to ruin your biggest opportunity two weeks (or two minutes) before the job interview.

Finding the perfect candidate is no easy job. That’s why the selection processes are usually long, complex and include several phases. But this isn’t just an excuse to mislead you; quite the opposite, in fact. If you are looking for a job, you must act in a responsible and professional way even before applying for an interview. Let’s see why.

We assume you already know that most recruiters use social networks to know more about possible candidates. So pay attention to your photos, your comments and everything you share online. Everything can be used in your favor, but also against you. If you love fashion and you want to work for an industry giant, it’s probably not the best idea to share articles about the environmental impact of this sector. What do you think?

Do you already have a job interview lined up? Maintain a humble and professional attitude from the moment you leave home. Imagine you arrive ten minutes before the appointment and decide to order something at a café next door. The server is wrong and you lose your patience with them. It turns out that, in the queue to pay, your interviewer is standing right behind you.

In short, in each selection process, each gesture counts. If one of your resolutions in 2019 is to find your dream job, perhaps the best advice is to act as if you are already working for the company. On that note, Happy New Year!