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How To Write A CV That Will Get You Noticed

When applying for a job, the first step to getting an interview is getting noticed. This means, one of the most important things to focus on during the application process is your CV.

The CV isn’t just a list of your experience and achievements, it needs to be selective and written in a concise and appealing way (and never in Comic Sans).

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How To Write The Perfect Cover Letter

Your CV is ready to send and now it’s time to write the cover letter. People usually find this the most daunting part of their application. How do you really standout and sell yourself in just one page?

First thing’s first, always write a unique cover letter for each job you apply for. It’s okay to have a general template but almost every hiring manager will be able to tell if you have sent them a generic cover letter that has also been received by 20 other companies. This shows a lack of interest in the company and also a lack of effort.

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Future Jobs

What jobs will there be a need for in the near future?

Technology is changing the way we see the world and how do we relate with it. In this article we show you how the job market is evolving and in which fields you should be focusing on. Would you need to give a twist in your career? Discover it!  

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Degree can’t limit your choices

A degree in a specific subject should never limit your choices

Nowadays the job market is proving it constantly: people are being hired for their skills not because of the subject they studied at university. In this article we show you why you should not (only) focus on looking for a job in your field, but to start considering the idea of exploring new horizons.

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