CEO For One Month

The Adecco GroupのCEO for One Monthを募集しています。

世界の *CEO for One Month を発表。

私たちは今年の3月以来、アデコグループのグループCEOであるアラン・ドゥアズより直接指導を受けながらフォーチュン500社の一社である同社を1カ月間率いることができる人材の選考を行ってきました。そしてこの度、東京とアムステルダムで実施した最終選考「The CEO BOOTCAMP」の結果、フランス の Camille Clément さんを2016年度のグローバル代表に選出しました!

世界の *CEO for One Month を発表。

ご紹介します。アデコグループの新たな「CEO for One Month」グローバル代表、Camille さんです!


CEO for One Month boot camp, 2016



CEO for One Month boot camp, 2016

ブートキャンプ 2016:*CEOのチャレンジをご覧ください!
Camille Clément


What is the greatest thing you have ever accomplished and how did you manage it?

Two years ago, I took part to a Start-Up Week-end in Lyon, France. I had an idea of a mobile application that would enable urban sports lovers to meet and connect. It was chosen among 57 others to pass through the finals! I then had to build and manage a team of 6 people aged between 24 and 56, build a business plan, set a strategy, and pitch the project in front of the jury. We carried the public along and won the Audience Price. It was my first experience as a CEO, and it lasted… 56 hours. When I saw the CEO for 1 month offer last April, it immediately rang a bell.

What do you think the way we work will be like in 50 years?

Human Resource sector will first have to address all the new professions that will break surface, as it is already the case in IT and digital communication for instance. Also, there is no doubt that new online job fair or recruitment platforms will thrive, certainly partly relying on big data.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

I once met a man in a plane when I was 8, and told him about my classmates making fun of me because I was first ranked at school. He told me “the first place is the hardest one to occupy, but the best one to make other’s life different”.

Who’s your favourite fiction character and why?

Vincent, in the film Gattaca, as he races against his brother that has always swum longer and faster than him. This time, Vincent won’t stop swimming, until the brother gets scared as they can’t see the shore anymore. Then Vincent turns to him : “You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it: I have never saved anything for the swim back”.

“Always deliver more than expected.“

Camille Clément , フランス.